Score No. 14: Small Brain Tour

14 September 2014

del projekta Na začasnem naslovu najinega početja
created, exhibited and performed at FACK MSUV in Novi Sad, July 2014
Co-created and performed by Srečko Jorš, Radharani Pernarčič
with special appearance by Ana Kravanja, Samo Kutin

So, what do we do? I need something to meet people with. Something that generates communication. Let’s try this:
Find a position and stay totally still in it for a given amount of time (10 min / 30 min / 15 min / 90 min) and keep on talking – continuously and without any narrative stops/breaks/pauses, apart from the split second that marks the distinction between one and another word. Sustain. If you cannot find words fast enough, gibberish is allowed. Keep the flow. Trust the flow. Observe the flow. Observe what and how you travel through.


What remains in your feeling?
What is the next obvious action?
What is your trace like?
Have you noticed that some operations repeat?
Which layers of your consciousness, memory, brain capacity have you managed to scratch off?
Which were left untouched? Left as a yet-uncovered space?

The present installation is neither a premeditated idea of ours, nor it is a determined art format. It is a result of our trust in play.

Playing in space makes this space an instrument:

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