The project’s concept is based on situations of everyday life that allow the exploration of behaviour patterns, communication and role reversal. One relevant aspect is the bringing of art to the broader community through a collective experience that brings up the issue of authorship. The special feature of Unauthorized is a collective experience achieved by the reversal of roles and functions usually attributed to us in the area between art and the mundane. For example: a passer-by becomes a performer, a performer becomes a spectator, a photographer transforms into a performer, etc. Indeed, the layering of views, perspectives and frames results in the formation of productive and expressive distances that, with a shift of focus, attribute things, people and situations with new experiences and meanings. Unauthorized is an empirical artwork that could be related to Brecht’s “learning plays”, not produced to be staged but rather staged so as to generate a spectator-actor experience in order to create conditions for a self-narrative. Unauthorized is an artwork created by all of us. Together. So that we might re-think ourselves.

Authors and performers: Kolektiv Federacija
Production: Zavod Federacija Ljubljana
In collaboration with: EPK Maribor, Smehomat

Video of Unauhorized in Maribor is here.

When I walked down the street right in the middle of Ljubljana a bunch of people and performers stopped me and invited me to share with them what do I see it is going on on the photo they took just an hour ago.

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