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I come from the round table talk entitled “The Art of Engagement” talking about the politics and art. There were also some people from visual arts. One of them said that visual art goes even more radical then other arts in relation to social and political position of art.

This day we activated the role of observer while continuing the work from yesterday. It turned out that at this point observer is observer the whole span of improvisation. First with each improvisation another person of the group was observer. Later Jurij arrived and enjoyed the role of observer.

Gregor told me to tell this is another recording of what Ryuzo wrote here

Just got the news that we will be performing M 25th 26th and 27th Sep in Stara mestna elektrarna in Ljubljana. Great! The same day I get the sensation and idea that M can be expanded to more people on stage in newer versions of M2.

These june and july I feel like Alice visiting different holes and checking for each and everyone its depths (How deep does the rabbit whole go?). Each exploration is a discrete travel, I fall totally into it. Even when it does not preoccupy me whole day it, I seem to have trouble getting out of it in order to do something else. I thought of doing other stuff from the hole (tunnel), but it turned out to be damn too poised with the exploration of the particulat hole, it had no meaning for the outside world.

http://bit.ly/hpSSvd A kind of slogan of this year for me.

Maja offered us today a new universe to work with. Though Andreja has already clearly proposed the exploration between words and movement, the fact that Maja comes from another field then dance, has coloured her propositions differently. I discovered what i called laziness in my naming of things.

After some consideration of today’s Atelier i discovered I could summerize my aspirations in performance, improvisation, exploration, research in the following. Basically my question is: is it possible and how it is possible to work through inclusion. A lots of methodology in arts follows the exclusion principle.

Somehow I am drawn to not reporting about today’s event that took place as part of “Atelje 2″. Not that I don’t want to. Something similar happened to me while we were there (ain’t it so Andreja , doing the task. The task / suggestion given to us (Andreja, Ryuzo, Snježana and Gregor) by Snježana.

One of the key elements of collective Federacija is openness. It is addressing me with the need to spread its range of openness. And I wonder why.

I believe that the element of openness is crucial to the idea of collective as platform (as we consider it at the moment in the collective). We perceive that organizations and artistic constallations feel the need to close. There is kind of logical act of any group of people to close onto themselves in order to be able to create something coherent and of great value. I believe that there is internal process going on in individual or a group of individuals of which consequence is closing towards public. But as long as it is not needed anymore it should be dropped. And many do not drop their closeness when there is no need for it anymore.

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