First trial: 7min x 7times - Samo's side

04 September 2011
Just do it. We decided before this set of practice to have in Not.All.Ways. seven times seven minutes chunks of work. Between two chucks of work we have 1 minutes break, where we can decide what to change, if anything. Today we decided to do just 7 x 7 minutes without intermission.

The ground tool is mistranslation. Immediately I started to mistranslate the today discovered tool of channel appeared and I used it. Well, the movements coming were building up a channel to mistranslation of today's work. Once consistent and stable enough to sustain the passage (by mistranslating the building of chanel), I entered the channel and continued with mistranslating the today's work.
It took me about 10 minutes to pass completely to the other side of the chanel. I realized it once I met Ryuzo there. As the game of creatinh a chanel and then passing through it finished, i set out to a new one: to mistranslate the whole work done in Cankarjev dom till now.

It took me some time. The most noteable effect of this was losing the grip on navigating my flow of mistranslation. It happened before in today's session. What I enjoyed there was observing Samo realizing he lost the grip on navigating of the flow. Of course the urge is to gain control over navigation. Dance enables to redirect the energy of this urge into observation.

Surprisingly also this game ended before the 7 x 7 minutes. So I took a new one and started to mistranslate what happened up till now. By this time the awareness started to seriously disintegrate and body awareness took over the navigation.

At one point I wanted to go to TV show presenter, but could not really navigate the flow there. It felt like we were in a membrane that I did not wanted to pierce through today.

All this is but a nice story. It might be true. It might be not. It might be important that it is true, it might not. The mistranslation actually puts extra demand on the tools and principles that do not support coding (capital's way). I have no name yet for them. Actually it is questionable if they have name. I know their effects. The tools that do not support coding send you to the extreme, edge, rim, border. They do that by their nature and could be seen by statistically normal person as wrong, demaged, useless. To take mistranslation as ground tool, send these tools and effect beyond that. This is my interpretation of Ryuzo saying: I want to improve states, tools, prinicples of work by mistranslation.

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