First trial: 7min x 7times

04 September 2011

At the first trial.

1.taking a look the space including Gregor.With "Tame" going into active air basically gregor and the music forming.
2.Mistranslation of Gregor first performance.Wherever to spread the body and its movement
3. Internalizing Gregor's and express by filtering mine.
3.5. Mistranslation of myself.
4.Mistranslation of the crowning toward the audience and Gregor.
5. Shifting the place, to which consciousness directs.Skin and spine.
6.Spreading imaginary body to the space - mistranslation of myself (from no.2)
7.To look at left overs in myself.To concentrate Gregor's radiation. To respond, to be influenced, add, trace,catch...

slo / eng