Title is a mistranslation of a content

04 September 2011

What more to say? Maybe some more photo :-) Or maybe some more text.

Today's discoveries up till now were two tools. Already first day of practice in Cankarjev dom we understood that main tool of work is mistranslation. And that ground objective of work would be mistranslating previous day's work. We decided to still work one by one, meaning that one does the action for about seven minutes and the next one mistranslates the work done before, and without technology (video, photo, compupters). We did though use music and sound.

Ryuzo said for the first turn that he has a wish to explore. And so he did. After that I had a wish that I mistranslated into action so that I mistranslated his wish. I took his previous actions and used them as a channel (wormhole) to reach Friday's session. This was to respect the ground objective. And so we came to new tool a channel.

Later on as we worked with music always, Ryuzo suggested that we do one round to trace the last round we did. Watching Ryuzo I realized that tracing could be good partner tool to mistranslation. To use in specific way. When one mistranslates should direct the mistranslation to leaving clear trace.

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