Creation is a mistranslation.

Concept, choreography, space, light: Ryuzo Fukuhara, Samo Potokar
Photography: Sunčan Stone
Sound: Ryuzo Fukuhara
Video: Samo Potokar
Mis-translations: Ryuzo Fukuhara, Martina Štirn
Performed by: Ryuzo Fukuhara, Samo Potokar, Sunčan Stone
Produced by: Federacija (
Co-produced by: Cankarjev dom, Festival Ex Ponto, Ljubljana (Slovenija)
Ryuzo, Samo and Sunčan set on a playful trip into the areas of life in which we do usually not dare to be playful: on their trip they make mistakes, they are misunderstood and they fail in communication. Through seven episodes (each lasting 7 minutes) they never give up on failing to construct a logical event by using tools our society considers unconstructive and unsuccessful. They are so involved in their game that it seems as if they have been playing it over and over again, every day. Practicing. How to fail. However, Not. All. Ways.

Just do it. We decided before this set of practice to have in Not.All.Ways. seven times seven minutes chunks of work. Between two chucks of work we have 1 minutes break, where we can decide what to change, if anything. Today we decided to do just 7 x 7 minutes without intermission.

The ground tool is mistranslation. Immediately I started to mistranslate the today discovered tool of channel appeared and I used it. Well, the movements coming were building up a channel to mistranslation of today's work. Once consistent and stable enough to sustain the passage (by mistranslating the building of chanel), I entered the channel and continued with mistranslating the today's work.

1. Mistranslation as the ground activity.
2. Trace and channel.
3. Mistranslated clowning.
4. Conscious the movement speed.
5. Sense of direction on the body, and on the stage.
6. Finding the task.

At the first trial.

1.taking a look the space including Gregor.With "Tame" going into active air basically gregor and the music forming.
2.Mistranslation of Gregor first performance.Wherever to spread the body and its movement
3. Internalizing Gregor's and express by filtering mine.
3.5. Mistranslation of myself.
4.Mistranslation of the crowning toward the audience and Gregor.
5. Shifting the place, to which consciousness directs.Skin and spine.
6.Spreading imaginary body to the space - mistranslation of myself (from no.2)
7.To look at left overs in myself.To concentrate Gregor's radiation. To respond, to be influenced, add, trace,catch...

What more to say? Maybe some more photo :-) Or maybe some more text.

Today's discoveries up till now were two tools. Already first day of practice in Cankarjev dom we understood that main tool of work is mistranslation. And that ground objective of work would be mistranslating previous day's work. We decided to still work one by one, meaning that one does the action for about seven minutes and the next one mistranslates the work done before, and without technology (video, photo, compupters). We did though use music and sound.

We have started off with the key idea, concept, method of work, relation to each other: mistranslation. On the first day of practice we have mistranslated previous 3-4 minutes study of each other. What for me was one of the first realizations was the fact that mistranslation makes any power-giving element relative. The relativity of what is "right", "correct", "just", "true" becomes tangible. And the next step is to mistranslate what I have just written. Yes, anything can be and it is mistranslated. How come we are still on same page?

Putting things, suggestions, ideas, propositions on the table was a challenge and fun.

If I had, but then really?, a dream, I would let it out there and now and all would crumble to flow. 

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