Residency in Gambettola with M 3.0.4 Day 2

22 July 2011

I am surprised how many people were interested in the basic idea of the installation version. Which is?

Well in 3d identity seems like fragmentary and in more-then-3d dimensions the identity is an entity that appears to 3d people as fragmentary. This is what I would like to offer as an experience through the system of videoprojections and cameras. Well and how the identity is connected to documentation? Basically it has to do with the fact that identity Nelson Valmor for example is not generated, orchestrated or managed by one physical entity like usual, that is to say, to human being. I share this with Gregor that identity is cross-single-human-being.

It would work as a labiryth of ideas, perceptions and so on, this installation to be :-)

So again I was suprised how people were receptive, curious, attentive. I just might give a tour on installation later this evening.

Also the social element of the installation came out. The material being set is a beginning of installation, it is labiryth you choose to create and walk. By walking it you create it. Or you could also say, it is being revealed.

I have been attaching piece of paper after piece of paper that stayed from the two evenings ago from the version M 2.3.1. I really liked the fact that kids played with the paper and actually created an installation that Ryuzo named it Jan Fabre is dead :-)

So these pieces of paper started to layer the identity of M and Marjeta that is "saved" in paper as well. As if trying to reinstall the beginning. The whole bunch of papers on the wall functions now as a cave of fur.

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