Residency in Gambettola with M 3.0.4 Day 1

22 July 2011

It is perfect space for experimentation and research. It is within a complesx of workshop of where is also huge space as gallery and smaller galery. This part includes kitchen and toilet and some other spaces. So it is transitory space, where people must and like to come to satisfiy basic needs. It is a space of mingling and by-the-way chitchat that can result in great discussions and sharing.

Lately I realised that actually events are best presented around meals that's why I find the work of Torvald Silver and Tehvan Ratsanik so contemporary, now, zeitgeistlich :-)

And it turned out to be a success also in this installation. People pass by, maybe not notice or already take part of it. 

The installation of course is developing and is a long way to be at its primal goal: to construct a projection of 9-dimensional space in 3-dimensions. I also have only two projectors and two cameras. That I borrowed each night actually :-) So, I oriented more on the paper.

Nelson Valmor

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