14 July 2011

As we were working with Marjeta here in Gambettola, we came about a nice finding concerning the performing and performance, as Marjeta took the break while performing. It came from talking about message of the performance. Gregor has told Marjeta she should always think of the message of the particular performance beofre she starts the performance. What message you want to transmit today through performance/event? Marjeta always had problems with that and had hard time articulating it and integrate it in her doings.

As we were talking I compared the finding of message of the performance with arheological site. At the beginning you just know it is there. A little hint has fired up your knowledge and intuition and there you go gathering the group of people to work with you. As you slowly dig into the soil to uncover the city, so do physical states dig out a little bit of the performance and also the message that is there. As the performance progresses more of it is revealed and clearer and preciser is the message. 

Immediately I would like to stress that there is a clear distinction. The city is the performance. It is already there. The message, meaning, sense needs to be constructed. Even when the whole city it revealed we still construct the message. So Marjeta with each physical action gives opportunity for us together to build the message and reveal it to ourselves.

Timon Jelen

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