Making M 2.3.1 in Gambettola

11 July 2011

I'm writing this after i have written in Slovenian for the blog. I aknowledge I should make entries shorter in order to balance out the quantity (and quality) of what I write when I decide to write for English and Slovenian verison.

Anway, here we are in Italy. Marjeta and I decided to come earlier to the festival Hotel Limbo then planned. What a good decision. This way we flow with rhythm of Italians which is slower only because it uses another way to come to results then in Slovenia for example. Here the pleasure is part of life more then in Slovenia where it might be more considered as reward and less an integral part of coming to the result. Sure, it is not black and white situation and also my experience of living in Italy is somewhat limited.

Well we started off quite in a way I did not imagine. Torvald and Tehvan that have performance on Thursday were invited by Verter and Emanuele – they are owners and co-organizers of festival Hotel Limbo – to visit the touristic farm of Verter's father. Verter and Emanuele have experienced already the performance by Torvald and Tehvan and they were so thrilled by the experience they invited Torvald and Tehvan to do a common project this year. Verter wanted to show Torval and Tehvan the places he connects to their common project. And Marjeta and me joined in for this family trip as it turned out to be.

The farm is in the hills, secluded, surrounded but by them. Beside astonishing nature that resembles some of the nature in Slovenia, and people that were there -mostly family of Verter – the food was delicious. I also indulged in storytelling of grandmother of Verter. Beside her simple storytelling to her grandgrandchildren (the kids of Verter and Emanuele), she commented on recent events. Her housband died three months ago and on the day we were speaking also her sister died. She arranged to visit her son (Verter's dad) already beforehand with her daughter. So she decided not to go to the funeral of deceised sister, since she wants to mingle with living creatures for a while still.

Marjeta just woke up while I am writing this. This place will not only be her performing space, but also a healing place. She is less under her normal dose of stress and gives herself time to rest, recuperate.

And this also gives me chance to wrap up today's blog entry. Slowly getting to start the work on many things just like I love to do.

Timon Jelen

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