And we did it again today

03 August 2013

I enjoy observing how the whole being starts to vibrate as it plunges into the sea, explores the islands (ie physical states) and space between them. The whole our of the prograM 1.7 was permeates with serene state of the doer (ie Marjeta). In the planned break of the prograM (around 3/4 of the whole length of exploring the sea) Marjeta tells me she was exploring the event where she almost drowned for real in the real sea. 

Me, I am struck with the realisation as I am giving Marjeta scarse instruction that as soon as I find myself in the stable physical state, I focus most of my energy on staying in that physical state by noticing what is taking place in me and without me. In this the physical state evolves, devises and I do not need to spend extra energy on developing the state, it takes care of its own development. As I stay tuned to what is taking place. And I am able to navigate through tiny subtle changes in the physical state that actually can at some point bring me to the new physical state. With a little tiny shift.

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