Projekt M (http://m.ops.si) je ustvarjalno sodelovanje Marjete (matere) in Gregorja (sina) Kamnikarja ter širše ekipe. V projektu se ukvarjamo s tremiskupinami tem: skupino identitete, skupino ustvarjalnosti in skupino diskretnosti.

Delo na projektu poteka od leta 2006, prva različica se uprizarja odavgusta 2008, druga različica pa je bila premierno urpizorjena v Ljubljani 15.7.2009 ob 70-letnici Marjete Kamnikar. Marjeta Kamnikar prvič pleše na odru in sploh se prvič aktivno vključuje v umetniško ustvarjanje.

I enjoy observing how the whole being starts to vibrate as it plunges into the sea, explores the islands (ie physical states) and space between them. The whole our of the prograM 1.7 was permeates with serene state of the doer (ie Marjeta). In the planned break of the prograM (around 3/4 of the whole length of exploring the sea) Marjeta tells me she was exploring the event where she almost drowned for real in the real sea. 

I am surprised how many people were interested in the basic idea of the installation version. Which is?

Well in 3d identity seems like fragmentary and in more-then-3d dimensions the identity is an entity that appears to 3d people as fragmentary. This is what I would like to offer as an experience through the system of videoprojections and cameras. Well and how the identity is connected to documentation? Basically it has to do with the fact that identity Nelson Valmor for example is not generated, orchestrated or managed by one physical entity like usual, that is to say, to human being. I share this with Gregor that identity is cross-single-human-being.

It is perfect space for experimentation and research. It is within a complesx of workshop of www.imperfettolab.com where is also huge space as gallery and smaller galery. This part includes kitchen and toilet and some other spaces. So it is transitory space, where people must and like to come to satisfiy basic needs. It is a space of mingling and by-the-way chitchat that can result in great discussions and sharing.

As we were working with Marjeta here in Gambettola, we came about a nice finding concerning the performing and performance, as Marjeta took the break while performing. It came from talking about message of the performance. Gregor has told Marjeta she should always think of the message of the particular performance beofre she starts the performance. What message you want to transmit today through performance/event? Marjeta always had problems with that and had hard time articulating it and integrate it in her doings.

I'm writing this after i have written in Slovenian for the blog. I aknowledge I should make entries shorter in order to balance out the quantity (and quality) of what I write when I decide to write for English and Slovenian verison.

Anway, here we are in Italy. Marjeta and I decided to come earlier to the festival Hotel Limbo then planned. What a good decision. This way we flow with rhythm of Italians which is slower only because it uses another way to come to results then in Slovenia for example. Here the pleasure is part of life more then in Slovenia where it might be more considered as reward and less an integral part of coming to the result. Sure, it is not black and white situation and also my experience of living in Italy is somewhat limited.

Just got the news that we will be performing M 25th 26th and 27th Sep in Stara mestna elektrarna in Ljubljana. Great! The same day I get the sensation and idea that M can be expanded to more people on stage in newer versions of M2.

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