Memorandum - movement editing

17 September 2010

I have started rehearsal for “Duhec med ljudmi”(2,3 Nov) at Premik with Nina, Katja, Tea, Tina, and Gregor.
I would like to call this work for “Duhec” – “The movement editing” instead of “choregraphy” in general.

Riding on the music – try to find the main rhythmical points in the melody.

Cancellation – cancel some movements when steps, turning body and arms started.

Hitting – hit the air around your body with the rhythmical points.

Conscious your back – e.g.back of Hiroshima Walk.

Distribution – distribute the movement equally to the each body parts.

Direction of the toe – both toes toward the center line of the body.

Release the accumulation – release the accumulated sensation and tension.

Energy trace – Trace the energy flow in the space by all parts of the body.

Let it go – intervene the struggling, let the one side win.

Body thinking – let the body think where it goes.

Remember the past – Not plan what you will do, but remember what you did.

Step under the depth – Not step forward, step under you, your depth.

Catch the behind the music – try to sense a bit front or behind of the rhythmical points of the music.

Betrayal – betray your plan of the movements.

Possession – Possess audience in front of you.

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