Ghost between people


Dance in its roots is a personal intimate dreaming that discharges into the challenge: can this dreaming be shared?

The title "Ghost between people" is taken from the interview with Japanese Butoh Master Kazuo Ohno when he danced in Brazil. After exhilliriating performance Ohno told interviewer that while dancing he saw ghosts between seated people and so he performed together with ghosts for the people. 

If a dance performance can integrate such personal dreamings and share them with public then we can state that this performance was good.

Mise-en-scene, movement choice: Ryuzo Fukuhara
Music: Janez Dovč (live accordion), Rura Urgata
Dancers: Marjeta Kamnikar, Katja Oblak, Nina Jereb, Tea Vidmar, Melita Župančič, Leia Benedičič, Mija Pungeršič, Sara Stropnik, Tea Grahek, Patrik Matos, Martina F.Štirn
Light design: Rura Urgata
Costumes: Bela Oto
Produced by Federacija
Co-produced by Zavod EN-KNAP
Supported by  Ministry of Culture of R Slovenia, Španski Borci, Center kulture v Mostah - Ljubljana

I have started rehearsal for “Duhec med ljudmi”(2,3 Nov) at Premik with Nina, Katja, Tea, Tina, and Gregor.
I would like to call this work for “Duhec” – “The movement editing” instead of “choregraphy” in general.

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