Snježana told me after Transfer Session 4 and 5

03 June 2011

It was interesting to change the role. This was my experiment in Transfer4 and 5. I became an Observer with a camera in my hand.

In transfer 5 the tools-words where thrown into the space: observe, perform, expect, contribute/non, accept, acknowledge include, transfer.

The theme about the natural birth came across again (from Transfer4) though it dissolved gradually, as people were entering the space and starting to move.

The attention shifted to the action.

I was observing people moving. I sensed many inner, hidden intentions, desires, decisions in the bodies, expressions, glances. This made me curious. What is actually happening inside? What where the triggers that made them go from A to B or making a gesture…

I was wondering until things where not clear, manifested. But my attitude was positive. I was patient to observe this blurred image trying to find its “form”.

And then three hands appeared in the space.

Architecture! So Simple! My amazement was passing through my glance. Connecting me to the silent structure. I saw the structure that at some point met, found an abstract expression and eventually started to dissolve into each story getting more and more personal until it belonged again to each person. I saw Gregor and Maja and Tina. Hands were integrated again in their bodies. The transformation happened.

From my point of view there was no expectation. So I was released of judging or belonging to the part that has to criticize or be satisfied.I was a wonderer. This is a very precious position.

I had another thought appearing in me.Maybe it was born from an expectation but it ended up a as question:Will they find a common desire or intention?

It happened.

The wonderful image appeared as a conclusion of first score: five people in a row observing a baby - in between them a man sitting and communicating with the baby.

Then I was just fulfilled, contemplating, resting on the image.

Now when I reflect back it makes me think how there is always a thin line between the chaos and organization. The action from the beginning of the work in Atelje 5 had exactly this vulnerability. And it was wonderful to observe how it escaped the chaos and went towards the creation of sensible situations.

If I speak visually/likovno (in terms of Kandinsky) I could compare individuals and their inner intentions to the points in space, especially in the beginning. The point according to Kandinsky is concentrated and has direction inwards. And this is how I have perceived people moving: with a very intense inner direction that has not find a manifestation outwards yet.

Soon after it seemed that specific intentions started to get directions in space. So the points transformed into the lines. These directions/lines started to cross (relations started to appear), resulting in different planes (moment of architecture ) and finally creating a new space. An impressive space – situation appeared at the conclusion: I gave it a title: “Five people in a row observing a baby” or “Baby observing five people in a row”. Or, “Me observing, five people in a row observing the baby”.

This makes me think how in its very essence human being needs to structure, organize, relate – possibly, otherwise we would not have a need to socialize among other things. We would function as solitary particles dispersed in cosmos. Instead, we are social beings. And how interesting it is that a score that does not presuppose in advance decided framework or structure, allows this very quality of human to spring out.

It is an important aspect of human existence to research and get aware of, as our work in Atelje deals with social interaction and creates a platform for the people to contribute towards a collective expression.

And I guess we need to understand the balance between the openness that we can offer and cultivation of devices that we play with. As people have different awareness and knowledge about the other/relation, space, time, body it is necessary to bring them closer to this kind of knowledge in Transfer Atelje.

And it is a good opportunity for us to study those concepts in order to understand ourselves and others better as well as creative processes itself.

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