Transfer Session 4

31 May 2011

It was quite funny start of the session. Symptomatic for communication. Maja told she wont be able to make it, Gregor misread that Kaja can come, Tina got ill, and so I thought only Ryuzo and I will stay. We met Kaja at the cafe and later on Zana phoned to check if we are coming. 

Anyway we got ourselves working. And what a session with Žana, Kaja, Ryuzo and Gregor.

Score 10 (30min + 20min)
-since Kaja and Žana were for the first time on Transfer session it was clear to use this as in previous scores, to include them into the sessions
-use relate, perform, transfer and observe
-the theme of the score one was "giving birth" since this was the debate we had when meeting before the session
-what was crucial for me was not to break the flow of the debate and include it in the score 10
-the 30min were not enough so we prolonged for 20min

Outcome of score:
-the fact that Žana was mainly sitting and talking and recording with camera contributed to certain dynamics of the whole score. For me she was involved totally into the score and was not outside of the score, even though she mainly took role of observer. Again that is not entirely correct, since sometimes she was involved into recording and sometimes into the discussion intensively. So there were at least three roles: observer, recorder, speaker.
-I think we could include new tool/verb: recording (in sense of camera recording) that differs from observing. And this difference could be a great topic for some of the scores
-there were many stories told by all of us during the score. The narrative, the storytelling became part of the social movement between us. This seemed really in its beginnings and I dont know (I did not check) how aware we were of the narrative line of the score
-we came to interesting discussion about inclusion. Here also the storytelling took place. Accepting the situation could be called passive inclusion and acknoledgement could be called active inclusion.
-concerning the theme of giving birth to the score, to the Transfer, to the transfer of the experience was also accompanied by cascade of stories that touched the autheticity of performer on stage compared that to a child or hindered (disable) person.

Score 11
-there was huge impact on us by score 10
-first there was idea to go to a certain social enviornment and check the score 10 there. I proposed to go to Maja's place but she said that the situation at her home is not ok that day for such experiment. So we stayed in studio.
-I suggested we take a step further and start the score and let the score show us where we go, what is the aim, meaning, flow, features...
-we started with 15min but prolonged it actually to 45min overall
-this idea was based on score 10 and how this authentic presence of performer does not provoke spectator to watch him/her. It is rather evocation of attention. It releases the tension that is created between the spectator and performer in traditional settings of performative space (stage). So the performer and spectator are more "free" in sense of where the focus is and what focus is performed.

The outcome might be best commented by Kaja that she wrote while Score 10 was taking place:

"When I observe Ryuzo talking I don't observe myself.

Then I switch my attention to myself starting to observe myself. Observing Ryuzo while observing myself. Before I was unaware of my phisicality. Now my „passive“ observative position of the body becomes performative, a pose. In an instance I have a different relation to and with Ryuzo. We are creating this situation together.

Observing yourself can also mean being responsible."

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