25 May 2011

Today at the Transfer Session 3 I had a glimpse of possibility of Interscore. Interscore would be time between one and other score. Interscore has no time-limit or theme (expect the one given by its consitution which is intermission, something inbetween).

Interscore is not necessary the pause, the break. It is connecting. The glimpse appeared when  we finished Score 7 today and I wondered if there is difference in what we do after we finished the score and when we were doing the score: there were all actions that were present in score and after the score. 

That there is such a possibility as to have conditions of interscore, presented the need for a break: Maja went for cigarette, Ryuzo continued his acrobatics training, Gregor was eating, Martina went to toilette.

Interscore thus starts when Score X finishes and lasts till Score X+1 starts. The break from this game of scores must be announed and time for relaxation is needed.

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