Transfer Session 3

25 May 2011

This time Tina, Maja, Ryuzo and Gregor were present.

Since Maja new to the happening of Transfer Sessions, we used this fact to start with the similar score like on Session 2 when Tina was new to the Transfer Layer.

Score 7 (30min)
-the aim is to find the way to transfer to Maja whatever it is you want to transfer
-use "observe", "relate", "transmit" as main tools of work
-use what you are and what you have at this particular moment to go to the score
-while we were already in the score Ryuzo proposed a theme of the first score: expectation. What later remarked Maja was that she liked that we did not come up with prepared theme but actually the theme was there and it was just to articulate it in words. 

The first part of the score was spent in some talking between Maja and Ryuzo. And out of their reasoning I gathered that expectaction has got to do with repeatition (of what brought us pleasure or excitement). That it is like "contribution" we were working in Score 5. We are immersed in the sea of expectations. 

I also found that it is hard to tap the non-obvious expectations. Ryuzo put it black and white that there is no such thing as expectation of the other, since also this expectation is your expectation. Martina added that work on expectation is for her like birthday. And Maja told a simple anecdote.

She went with her daughter to the bar. She ordered coffee for her and juice for her daughter. The daughter started to spill the juice and wanted to put stone in the coffee. Maja interfering in her daughter's action, thought she wanted just to calmly sit down and drink coffee. And she never thought of putting stone in coffee. Why not? Is the playfulness and exploration and curiosity gone with appropriation and integration of expectations?

I find this story nice playground for the aims of the Transfer Layer.

I also checked with Maja if she sensed any kind of transfer. What she found out is that she could relax and participate immediately and not have some "preparation". She did not feel she hasnt done Tkolektivnos for some time now.

Score 8 (21min)
-work with expectation (fulfill, ignore, refuse, use...)
-use the tools of all the scores: relate, perform, observe, transfer

I found here the over-excitement at the beginning of whole group that resulted in furious actions since we were directly working with expectation and we released the usual connectiuon to expectation. I found also expectation to be a type of excitation!

Ryuzo thinks he is expected to massage Martina (who is his wife) but he does not like massaging. In this Score it came just by itself that Gregor massaged Martina without anyone clearly proposing that Martina likes massage.

Similar happened in the Score 7. While Ryuzo and Maja were taken in the performative conversation, slowly Martina and Gregor started to work together on something that Martina wanted to work: to get rid of fear from doing hand stand.

Score 9 (21min)
-same as Score 8 and we put it in caffe that we dont frequent so much

Ryuzo: How not be normal, but also not dance, be something in between?
Gregor: For others to join (in any role) we need to create environment where people will feel safe, comfortable. 
Maja: It worked what Ryuzo did since he was joyfully in the action he was doing. The acceptance of his act if it was less joyful, more introvert would be less inviting, relaxed...

The three beginning session turned in unexpected way. They revealed the possibility of entering the art into social tissue with artistic elements without being only entertaining and therapeutical. It tunred out also that social constallation is crucial to performer and that there is a need to communicate and explore the problems of social level of performing. These need is the same for social interaction in the group and outside the group.

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