Transfer Session 2

25 May 2011

The second session Martina joined Tina, Ryuzo and Gregor. We seized the opportunity of having new member that actually already took part in Ecollectiv in Maribor, that is Martina, so we could test how does transfer function in the light of the discoveries of the first session.

Before going again to scores, I want to stress that these scores are not described in the way they can be of not so much use. They need a bit more context or more tasks/instructions. I hope they can trigger some imagination to further develop the scores.

Score 4 (30min)
-use what you are and what you have at this particular moment to go to the score
-use "observe", "relate", "transmit" as main tools of work
-the aim is to find the way to transfer to Martina whatever it is you want to transfer

We were in peculiar states at the beginning and actually this helped to turn the first score into the social experiment. Gregor was first with his epiphany that was later succeeded by epiphanies of Tina, Ryuzo and Martina in the second score.

-the Ecollectiv/Transfer is about social level of artistic action. Social level in the group of artists and social level of this group of artists meeting with chosen social group or any social environment. The danger is that artistic process slips into therapeutical process. Which is ok in general, but not in the context of this project
-we are immersed into social context, so all the scores reflect this fact by making all the roles in the scores actively responsible for the role they take; also it reflects this fact by emphasizing constant shift of roles
-there is given social context that we are immersed into (and this context is created by us - the immersion is a tool to depict the sensation and to help analyse the situation - there is no immersion really) and there is constructed social context. The construction is made by artistic actions in the score. This makes possible to explore social interaction with limited number of dimensions and less active elements then in given social environment

Score 5 (14min x 2)
-two couples
-the theme of the score is non-contribution on any level of the score
-the roles are separated: one couple is more concerned with performing and other couple is more concerned with observing. After 14min the couple change roles.

Score 6 (10min)
-use the second score
-do it in the subway of the train station

The second and third score created amazing result, to say it a bit jokey: epiphanies.

Contribution, we tried to perform with a theme - No contribution.
After the performance, I noticed, The life is already a great contribution to the world.
We ( at least "I") can not stop contribution to our(my) desire.
If we start to deny this contribution, we must be trapped in a infinitive loop, the arrive no where.
We should start from affirmation.

I could do as much as I was allowed to. If my mind allowed me. If other minds allowed me. What is allowed and what is not allowed? What is appropriate? For life, for dance, for the train, for the waiting room, for him, for the invisible, for the imagined? Drops of sweat connect me with earth and transmit salt into environment. Salty earth attracts rain and washes salt into the sea. I become a part of the fish who knows everything. I can be everything if I do anything every moment of my existance, believing it is good enough. Transmitted into a vibrant space of unlimited potency. Transmitting what others don't see, through my body, tackling their sixth sense.

In this dance exercise it turned out that it is impossible not to contribute, since then you are not. It is soothing to contribute less then you or someone else would expect of you. This is the way to discover deeper desires for existance and happening. It was great that public was non-participatory, it rendered joint liberation. If the public was engaged in possessive observing, the liberation would come about less easy. In the non-contributing quartet - two observers, two performers - all four become perfomers and observers - the tension sweetly spreads, pulsates between us, the skin is open.


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