It was interesting to change the role. This was my experiment in Transfer4 and 5. I became an Observer with a camera in my hand.

In transfer 5 the tools-words where thrown into the space: observe, perform, expect, contribute/non, accept, acknowledge include, transfer.

I was staring at Maja's face. She was also staring at me. I stared at her without prejudice. I felt from her, she did not intend to give me anything and did not intend to take from me something. I was moved by this communication. It would be first time to have it. I was about burst to cry. I could not explain well why I felt crying. I thought that dance allows to have such a communication. We can not start "dance" from the beginning, because "dance" would appear from some action. "Dance" would be a certain kind of situation and /or condition.

It was quite funny start of the session. Symptomatic for communication. Maja told she wont be able to make it, Gregor misread that Kaja can come, Tina got ill, and so I thought only Ryuzo and I will stay. We met Kaja at the cafe and later on Zana phoned to check if we are coming. 

Anyway we got ourselves working. And what a session with Žana, Kaja, Ryuzo and Gregor.

Today at the Transfer Session 3 I had a glimpse of possibility of Interscore. Interscore would be time between one and other score. Interscore has no time-limit or theme (expect the one given by its consitution which is intermission, something inbetween).

This time Tina, Maja, Ryuzo and Gregor were present.

Since Maja new to the happening of Transfer Sessions, we used this fact to start with the similar score like on Session 2 when Tina was new to the Transfer Layer.

The second session Martina joined Tina, Ryuzo and Gregor. We seized the opportunity of having new member that actually already took part in Ecollectiv in Maribor, that is Martina, so we could test how does transfer function in the light of the discoveries of the first session.

Before going again to scores, I want to stress that these scores are not described in the way they can be of not so much use. They need a bit more context or more tasks/instructions. I hope they can trigger some imagination to further develop the scores.

We decided recently to dedicate the ateliers in May and June to the preparation for the third layer of Ecollectiv: Transfer. This preparation includes the exploration of social features of the work we did on the project up till now (layer Relation and layer Zeal).

TIna, Ryuzo and Gregor extracted on the first day (23rd May) the main tool of Relation layer which is "to relate"; and main tool from work with Peter Rauch which is "to observe". Better then extracted I would say adjusted to present situation. The Transfer layer adds a new tool which is obviously "to transfer" or modes of transfer.

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