What really happened?

29 August 2010

We gave ourselves a task to report, what really happened in the Odnos-Celje project, a 4-day work that we made, both in Ljubljana and in Celje. What happened in Ljubljana?

Starting with the list of words which arrised from the previous ateliers as a response to improvised movement sessions. We took a word by word and “moved” them. Limited with time, we stopped moving each word when a phone sign told us that the time is up. This was followed by a feedback session, in a sense we gave impressions on just made work and we wrote those impressions down in their raw, fresh state.

Now we have a text that some places reminds on poetry, other places on a personal footnotes and yet other place looks like a letter to a close friend.

Definitely a lot of useful material to work on…

What happened in Celje?

-a pleasant surprise in a form of a positive approval of our expectations
-a begging of new friendships
-an important connection between older (us, he he) and younger (them) into a curious and creative group of new Us.
- a perfect day


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