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26 August 2010

Gregor told me to tell this is another recording of what Ryuzo wrote here

Pause – pavza, premor
-testing stamina
-stopping in between
-before arrival
-after departure
-using silence
-tuning silence
-a lot happening on mental and physical level

Recall – priklic, najaz poklicati
-the trigger of a memory, action was gone, then this triggers gave a new push; trigger can be a space, whate someone did etc
-from back to front, then hold, then sorting it out, then reflect
-combination of physical and mental + people + space
-a situation that happened i put/project into my body.

Situate – vmestiti
-at first I felt it was connected to everything else, so I had strong relation to you. I was affected and led by your action
-imidiately, idea, how julyen and carme are dancing in the performance, filling in what was offered
-second sensation, finding a place like in butoh exercise, where you point to something in space in front of you, walking like this around the space until you arrive to the point where you point to yourself
-when i situate myself, a situation takes place/is created. I become concerned about situation in which i am situated.
-precise, in between, two walls, human tetris, to fit in
-to put in context

Fill in – zaponiti, zapolnitev
-connected to filling out, to missing something. Thus missing must be filled in. Dealing with the missing part, dealing with the lack.
-to empty out, avoid, refuse
-not so precise, more rounded, volume, i felt „volumised“, filling in is limited according to capacity.

Answer – odgovoriti, odgovor
-needs a question, seeking for the question
-a clear unit, phrase
-overwhelming pingpong schizophrenia, resonsiblity as ability to response

-to release, in a sense it is easy to release tension, the vibration lowered, bolj prepustitev kot razpustitev,plunge into, imitation is/as a vacation
-i have nothing
-how to do a blind trio* with open eyes, liberation, just right focus
-children’s game, in that sense it was very easy, so much material to use, but no obligation to use. Plenitude of everything, just take if you like/want. I can be Ryuzo, and for a moment i can be someone else.
-imitating is very much following
-i can be very creative when i don’t have to be

-i enjoyed it! my perception was sharp in reading mine and your decisions, clarifying decisionmaking, discovering
-feeding yourself with others, listening to dynamics and letting go
-smooth, advancing actively, tranquility and concentration helps to be a good follower, following is very beneficial
-is thinking about others, being conscious of others, others as everything present in space. Following stimulates thinking of other.
-a journey, start from the following and coming to the following, but its very positive, not without an exit but full of exits.

Imitate + Pause
-overwhelming in sense
-bunch of possible combination of imitate and pause
-they are beginning of the cosmos – influence each other
-overwhelming the influencing
-did the two tool melt?
-at certain point they melt (maja)
-distinguish two: physical imitate and mentally pause
-imitate pause for example
-very intellectual approach
-we started of rigid/rough and at the ending we started to be playful
-at which point / how did you go out of intellectuial way: imitating helped me, not to think doing it
-never melt (gregor)
-look for something specific
-finding entrances
-state of finding entrances is not bad by its nature and can take you somewhere
-imitate and pause combines, influenced (andreja)
-it is hard not to pay intention to others
-provoke more complex situations
-single & single (ryuzo)
-pause is minimizing
-pause is active place
-laughter is pause action
-laughter is imitation / contagious and shared


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