Maja told me. Second day.

25 August 2010

Actually it was the first day of the 5th session of Odnos.
However, this blog post started from last day discussion.
So, it is the second day.

Maja and Ryuzo listed the words as tools for the improvisation some month before, which we are trying out.
Ryuzo attempted put his experience of slimy, unformed sensation of improvisation forcibly into the words, when he listed these words.
In this series of session, we try out something from these words,can be movement, can be some other words, can be something other.
It would be like this;
The slimy, unformed sensation → words → unknown movements and/or emotion and/or sensation and so on.

After each trying out, we (Gregor, Andreja, Maja, Ryuzo) discuss our experience, as follows.

Pause – mentally? or physically? or both?; testing; anxious; re-focus; tuning; distinguish; silence; stop; in between; before arrive or not arrive yet;

Recall – to the people; to the space; project; memory; organization; trigger to unknown; action;

Situate - relation with environment; let the other’s action go; fit in between; channel; fill; finding space; encapsulate; context;

Fill in – izpraziniti; fill out; lacking; refuse; avoid; round; voluming; limited or infinitive capacity;

Answer – question; clear unit; reaction; overwhelming ping pong schizophrenic; response-ability;

Imitate – release intension – attention; plunge; water; The Blind Trio (*foot note will be soon); dream and ease; kids game – do the role of the other’s; get more creativity;

Follow - discovering, clear decision; feeding with the other; listening to dynamics; let it go; smooth; active progress; beneficial; tranquil; journey;

The combinations:

Pause +Imitate :

- At the first moment, I felt some kind of block, probably kind of intellectual block to do something, but Imitate then broke through the block. In this case, Imitate would be good entrance for the movement.

- At the beginning, I saw a rough scene of others. Then I felt a labyrinth of the possibility.

- the movement by the imitate, if it is continued, it is loosing its contents. e.g. laughing.

Pause – could be silence, minimize the sound inside body, slowing down.

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