Maja told me

24 August 2010

This is a training to summarize the other’s talking. I have no implicit meaning under this title of post. Actually it is even not be the summarization so much I am writing below. It is merely some fragments of their talking from my bad memory. I am confronting how difficult to remember the other’s talking. Actually “Maja told us” is right. However, I would like to personalize this text more, that’s why I chose such a title.

Maja told me that it would be better to find our common definition of the words, which we are using in the discussion for our session Odnos.

Gregor told me that it is important to make the documentation, which the observers make during and after the session, someone does something, and someone observes it.

Andreja told me that next 4 days session should not be specialized for new participants. It would be better to do our normal session and invite them to join.

Kaja told me that we should not have too complicated rules nor even just so deep explanation about our session for new participants. It would be better to have simple and easy-understandable, like a children’s game.

I am waiting for someone will add some supplement or correction.


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