Of weakness

14 July 2010

To write about weakness is much more difficult than to write about “strong”.

Is it because weakness is that which should be gotten over?
Or does my intention inclines toward being strong?

It is like “Do not give up so quickly and endure to continue”
Or “Do not complain so easily”.
To get over the weakness would invite some ideologies.

Also like it is represented by a name “the weak in the society”, the weakness can be connected to the moral without difficulty.

If one interprets weakness into fragility, it would arrive at aesthetic.

One says the beauty of the culture of Japan would be the beauty of weakness.
Japanese people have traditionally taken account of such states, brittle, fragile, weak and ephemeral.
On the contrary, aiming to a state beyond such weakness, and longing to reach “ruin – death” . It has become an ideology.

What about to make a dance, which has a theme “weakness”?

Such a dance piece which would have weak dancer, weak body, weak intention, weak mind, weak movement, weak composition, weak choreography, weak existence, weak relationship, weak concept, weak presence, weak idea, weak image, weak music, weak scenery, weak synopsis and any way the manifestation as dance is so weak.


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