Atelier 3. Air-Membrane-Association.

26 May 2010

Pushing the air by parts of the body, which are likely to be forgotten in the daily life. These pushing movements are able to activate the sense of your skin. The interaction between people by these pushing movements forms a membrane, which can be recognized as a border of the active territory of your body and sense. In other word, this action activates the inert air surrounding your body.

In the process to work with the air and the membrane, we can reach an understanding that our body is a different state of the air – the body is the air, which has different density. This understanding gives you a sensation, which can make you feel that the boundary of your body is vague.

To expand the membrane toward the space.
The air becomes a medium, which conveys your perception toward the objects in the space.
We start to call the name of the objects, which we are touching by our expanded sense.

Some associations come out from the names of the objects. These associations are connected with the body, the movements and the emotion.

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