Atelier 2. Inclusion as another conceptual possibility

20 April 2010

After some consideration of today’s Atelier i discovered I could summerize my aspirations in performance, improvisation, exploration, research in the following. Basically my question is: is it possible and how it is possible to work through inclusion. A lots of methodology in arts follows the exclusion principle.

The main difference between exclusion and inclusion is that inclusion principle includs exclusion and exclusion principle excludes inclusion. This is tru for every level and element I work on in the field of arts. I believe this is also one of the possible ways to sollution of question of including public actively in the event/performance. Exclusion tends to exclude the performers from audience. It not necessarily does so, but tends to, it leads us to it. Another aspect of inclusion is that it makes me reconsider “good” and “bad” and how they are connected with some strategies. For example: first day we all discovered that the intimate and sexual are tightly connected in everyday, and the work we did on Monday loosens up this tight connection and opens up the space to explore the intimate touch. 

Today I discovered and wanted to create environment for others to exprience it as well for the fact that accident is 90% regarded as negative, usually if I hit someone by chance/accidentally I would think I am no sensitive enough. I think a) accidents are not necessarily negative by default and b) one can even work with the fact that s/he perceives most of the accidents as negative events. To get something straight, I am not saying that all hitting can be justified by this reasoning. Some accidents are hurtful and cannot be otherwise justified and sometimes do mean I am not sensitive.

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