Another though on space

11 December 2010

The moment of Leja’s and Jurij’s antidote the other day was an amazing expeience to me. It felt like the space moved them. Something like a bubbling sensation creaped from underneath them and lifted/moved/disturbed their bodies. And when it happened it almost seamed as if I felt it arriving.

And this experience led me to Jurij’s thought on space. How we percieve it before we enter it (is it empty or not, does it have a density…). And if we would percieve it as not empty, as an “entity of something” then our entering it could mean/be some kind of destruction. Or decay.

We cut into pace and usualy keep cutting. But in Leja’s and Jurij’s situation it felt like the space spoke back. Almost a rebelious moment. And they seamed so beautifully helpless.

slo / eng