Gilles and Felix told me

30 August 2010

Gilles and Felix told me they wrote the book that forms a rhizome with the world. That there is an aparallel evolution of the book and the world. That the book assures the deterritorialization of the world, but the world effects a reterritorialization of the book, which in turn deterritorializes itself in the world (if it is capable, if it can).

Gilles and Felix also told me about plateau. They told me that a plateau is always in the middle. There is always something before and something after plateaus. They told me that the rhizome is composed of plateaus, as it continuously deterritorializes and reterritorializes into infinite new plateaus. The rhizome and the plateau are both always between things, which guarantees their continued growth and existence. Although the plateau cannot return to what precedes it, it always moves on, becoming something else, moving towards the next plateau.

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