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Our environments are our surviving territories. Perception is necessary for survival – we design environment on basis of filtering/screening the senses, what depends on the culture – environment again respectively directs our attention, motion, state of being.

What do we mean with filtering-screening process, describes best anthropologist Edward T.Hall:

“We inhabit different sensory worlds: experience as it is perceived through one set of culturally patterned sensory screens is quite different from experiences perceived through another. The architectural and urban environments that people create are expressions of this filtering-screening process.” From concept of Dynamic Spaces Project starting 2014.

When I walked down the street right in the middle of Ljubljana a bunch of people and performers stopped me and invited me to share with them what do I see it is going on on the photo they took just an hour ago.

Last summer. June 2012. In a museum. And there were these people that offered me audioguides. And their magic presence. It was formidable Permanent Exhibition of Nowness. Elusive. Tangible.

I enjoy observing how the whole being starts to vibrate as it plunges into the sea, explores the islands (ie physical states) and space between them. The whole our of the prograM 1.7 was permeates with serene state of the doer (ie Marjeta). In the planned break of the prograM (around 3/4 of the whole length of exploring the sea) Marjeta tells me she was exploring the event where she almost drowned for real in the real sea. 

What more to say? Maybe some more photo :-) Or maybe some more text.

Today's discoveries up till now were two tools. Already first day of practice in Cankarjev dom we understood that main tool of work is mistranslation. And that ground objective of work would be mistranslating previous day's work. We decided to still work one by one, meaning that one does the action for about seven minutes and the next one mistranslates the work done before, and without technology (video, photo, compupters). We did though use music and sound.

Putting things, suggestions, ideas, propositions on the table was a challenge and fun.

If I had, but then really?, a dream, I would let it out there and now and all would crumble to flow. 

I am surprised how many people were interested in the basic idea of the installation version. Which is?

Well in 3d identity seems like fragmentary and in more-then-3d dimensions the identity is an entity that appears to 3d people as fragmentary. This is what I would like to offer as an experience through the system of videoprojections and cameras. Well and how the identity is connected to documentation? Basically it has to do with the fact that identity Nelson Valmor for example is not generated, orchestrated or managed by one physical entity like usual, that is to say, to human being. I share this with Gregor that identity is cross-single-human-being.

It is perfect space for experimentation and research. It is within a complesx of workshop of www.imperfettolab.com where is also huge space as gallery and smaller galery. This part includes kitchen and toilet and some other spaces. So it is transitory space, where people must and like to come to satisfiy basic needs. It is a space of mingling and by-the-way chitchat that can result in great discussions and sharing.

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