A.Void. at Yokohama Dance Collection EX Showcase, second take

13 February 2011

Everything counts. That would be yesterdays sum-up for me. I enjoy the fluid and playful communication we have with Ryuzo. That is an important corner stone of the work we do, ie A.Void. To say the least, I feel weird in this project. We did it three times (Wakayama once, Yokohama twice). Describe weird, Gregor. I enjoy performing it and I enjoy performing it with Ryuzo. I reckon tasks we have given to ourselves. And I do go into practice mode.

Yesterday as well I tried to create an enironment where public would also fall into practice. I surely felt I was more successful in that. Even some humour we could establish with Ryuzo. Not that people were laughing. I felt the lightnes of the happening that I subscribe to being able to create humour with only dance tools (yes yes I need to write the whole book on what dance tools are).

Still I haven't mentioned what was weird feeling. It was the fact I am in the unknown situation. That I was not there before. This happens a lot on this tour. Of course due to my first time in Japan. But I also think that Ryuzo has got something with it. He organized excellently this tour and I think his intuition organized it in a way that we both find ourselves in totally unexpected situations.

So weird was good. I additionally augmented my perception, suscpetibility to what is going on, what is happening. And I believe we have achieved to turn moments into events to form a simple relaxed format of performance that turned out as practice of strategies of surviving and living.

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