A.Void. at Yokohama Dance Collection EX Showcase, first take

12 February 2011

Why should one write about what happened? Especially of the event that roots in practice? And it takes performance as a one way to practice dance. So better write about practice. Practice of what? Practice of dance. Practice is not an opposite of theorizing. In includes theorizing. This way it enables one to practice also theory, their supposed complimentation and opposition.

One of the key elements of practice is inclusion. Inclusion means to me that I take notice of as much elements of what I am doing as possible. I take care of circumstances I am in, my fluidly changing state of being, movement of attention, focus of attention...

I felt well yesterday practicing dance and performance A.Void. I felt empty and emptied by my practice. Ryuzo said he felt full. I was working on void and I could say Ryuzo on avoid. Great complimetation there. I believe I haven't given chance to audience enough to practice being audience. 

Now, how does being audience differ from practicing being an audience. The difference is that as audience I also start to be aware of many elements of what creates an event, performance, my state of being, circumstances... I believe that in environment we were yesterday, I need to offer clearly to the audience chance that anyway they need to decide for and go for it, that is the chance to explore what is the event, and not just enjoy it.

This way I question if the project A.Void. is to be presented at such venues and occasions as Yokohama Dance Collection EX Showcase. My answer is yes, since it is a chance to present the wideness of what is understood as dance, since artists, presenters, producers, organizers as human beings like to gather in groups of common understandings. That is ok. What I dont find ok that certain group of people claims that their understanding of dance is the highest form of understanding dance and so on.

Since Yokohama Dance Collection and many of them use term "dance" and they don't specify what kind of dance and even more important which kind of understanding of dance, many understanding of dance should be given chance to be presented.

And there I go again. A.Void. as a practice is not something to be presented. It is something to do. To practice. Yes, presentation of practice can be taken as a practice. I agree. I also agree that there within lies a danger of falling back to giving importance to presentation of the practice and not the practice itself.

And again back to my critique of my practice yesterday. I did not give chance to the audience to practice being and audience since I simply complied to the atmosphere of the showcase and gave sometimes in my practice too much focus on the presentation of a practice and not the practice itself.

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