Workshop at Yokohama Ouyou High School

10 February 2011

I had quite stage fright while preparing the workshop for Yokohama Ouyou High School with Ryuzo yesterday. And as I entered the room, it was gone. I was present. And off we went.

There were 12 girls aged 16 to 18 part of theatre and dance club that mostly work on their own in style of hip-hop.

The aim of workshop was to present improvisation as a tool to work, live, communicate… I hear already the masters asking: what is improvisation for you. And actually that is also what Ryuzo asked me to explain after a short introduction of where we come from (Slovenia) and what we do. And in a moment of surprise, an answer spontaneously popped up in my mind. Improvisation is exploration. I was struck by the precision of this definition for my understanding and usage of improvisation.

Anyway we set ourselves to a tight schedule of proposals we had with the girls. Not to forget also teacher took part with girls. We based the workshop on tools developed in the project Ecollectiv by Collective Federacija and other core group memebers of the project (Kaja Lorenci, Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Ryuzo Fukuhara); and also our own knowledge and experience. The workshop went smooth. We pingponged with Ryuzo the explanation of proposals, support, examples and comments with ease that is due to good preparation and that we were both active participants of developing a workshop like that in the mentioned project Ecollectiv.

The feedback of girls after the workshop was at least to my mind suspiciously articulated. I thought they were told to say the things they said, but I dismissed this by the fact that they were saying concrete things from the workshop that that could not have known before the workshop.

So we were satisfied with our work, and also organizer was extremely pleased with introducing us to the High School.

I was wondering how the workshop would work in other culture. Obviously it makes sense such an approach to Japanese culture. This is due to fact that we address people on human level and not cultural or other levels and of course the fact that there was person like Ryuzo that comes from their culture and lives in Western culture, so he has clear clues to how to adjust language, actions, proposal to given situation.

I am looking forward to next workshop in Yokohama High School. Report will follow J

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