Yokohama Week

08 February 2011

So we are in Yokohama. I just learned a new thing about blogging: not to write text online. I just deleted the whole thing. I am sure it is still somewhere in the comp, but alas I have no approach to it.

The fervour of previous writing is gone, so here I go anew.

I am in a hotel in Yokohama, just before taking first look at Dance Collection EX. Quite complicated program and connections to other events. I spent yesterday one hour figuring out all the connections between different events. Na dafter getting it, I was totally amazed how Ryuzo put it all together in a meticuluously precise tissue.

I was lucky enough to have chance today to take it easy. The easiness started already yesterday on the train from Fukuoka where I spent wonderful time with Jovana. About that is extra entry.

Taking it easy meant letting all the info from last week get deeper into me and closer to integration. It was such an experience of art, people, life, communication, relation. All these elements came together in a very delicious meal.

Speaking of food. It was excellent, especially the one at Awaji Island.

I also had time to spend with other tasks I need to do and are more connected to where I come from of course. And I gladly did it with the TV program I found that covers mathematics and japanese language. The whoooolče afternoon they were jibbering about the origine of characters and about high school maths. I understood nothing, but it was great background noise since the sound card on my comp is dead L

So here I go, diving into Yokohama week.

Strangely enough, there was activation of primary school friends on FB and we are heading for organizing a picnic soon in the spring. Photos started to pop up from that period and I started to remember my thoughts, feelings, ideas. The seed was there, already growing, waiting for the soil. And this reminds me of Vilko saying that he knew already with 10 what he is going to do in life. I was not aware of it when I was ten, but as I said the seed was there. Quite present, since my parents and my sisters and actually also my schoolmates felt it and encouraged it. This thought is quite pleasing and helps keep doubt at his more acceptable rate of eating up my reasons why I am still doing what I am doing.

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