Bird Dementia

Performance is based on constant transition from one state to the other. It flees from the fiction to the reality, the abstract is replaced by the concrete, rationality is swaped with emotions, life turns into death, meaning melts into feeling, personal becomes common, joke the truth and the truth a joke. The change is the only constant thing. What did you become today? 

Suddenly I see.I am getting closer and closer.In fact I am a cloud.I turn waves into wind.I turn fire into earth.I turn darkness into a collapse.I make illusions and I turn them into truth.So I climb.Even though I am changing feathers, I am keeping my permanence.

Concept, choreographed and performed by: Jan Rozman
Text by: Alja Ferjan and Jan Rozman
Music by: Luka Ropret
Light designed by: Jaka Šimenc
Cistumes by: Tina Pavlin
Photography by: Marijo Župan
Produced by: Federacija
Co-produced by: KD Qulenium
Partners and support: Bunker, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, Mestna občina Ljubljana, Javni sklad za kulturne dejavnosti

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