39 - 21st & 22nd exercise: Pharmakon

23 March 2011

Tomorrow, Fri 25 Mar 2011 at 5pm Spa Park at Terme Dobrna
After tomorrow, Sat 26 Mar 2011 at 5pm Spa Complex at Terme Dobrna

»to farmakon« means in ancient greek:
1. remedy, magic medicine, potion, drug.
2. medicament, poison,
3. colour
4. unusual, strange substance

We could assign these characteristics to notions this project is dealing with: identity, name, art, movement, disappearing, dying, death. Parmakon's multiple/multiplying meaning turns duality into multiplicity and the world as we know it, collapses, becomes indeterminable.

Spa/Health resort is a place of meditation about health and the understanding of health. This makes it perfect candidate for execution of 21st and 22nd exercise. They are paired to facilitate the joy of experiencing indeterminacy in the world without gravity of meaning. This brings us closer to understand health, disease, life and death in their multiplicity. And 39.

The plot thinkens with pharmakos.

Welcome to explore with us.

We announce the weekend with 39 2nd and 3rd Apr 2011 that will bring 4 exercises to be executed along southern border of Slovenia

Conceived, choreographed and performed by: Gregor Kamnikar. Mathematics: Bernhard Riemann. Music: Frederic Chopin. Expertise & executive producer: Barbara Novak. Production: Federacija.

39. As things come out right, death occurs.


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