39 along southern border of Slovenia

31 March 2011

You are kindly invited to join us at weekend with 39 – 4 performances in two days (Sat 2nd April, Sun 3rd April) which means 4 exercises for dying. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday. From Hrastovlje to Lake Bukovnica along the Southern border of Slovenia. This will cost you only 75 EUR (travel, accomodation, meals). We will stay over at one of the magical areas of Slovenia: Bizeljsko at Istenič's. The Istenič Company that produces excellent sparkling wine. And we will surely drink some.

While enjoying the practice of four exercises and each other's company we will address some themes of the project and connections between them. Themes like ephemerality, death, movement as disappearing, name, identity, artistic identity, artistic name, performing, relation to the audience. We will also discuss some FAQ: will Gregor also change his personal name and why not; why do we find the difference between artistic and personal name important; why such a project and themes in the world where there are much wider troubles then the distinguishing between artistic and personal identity; where does this unbending force to dance comes from…

You are most warmly invited to join us. If you wish to know the details please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The attached document discussing details of the trip is in Slovenian only.

You can also join us at the individual events:
Sat 2 Apr at 1pm - Hrastovlje
Sat 2 Apr at 6pm - Tri fare
Sun 3 Apr at 11am – Lake Bukovnica
Sun 3 Apr at 3pm – Mura river

The exact locations to be announced.

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