39 / 5 The Farm

03 October 2010

At the Martinc Farm a dozen of people gathered. Together with dogs, cows and other smaller creatures. Like spider and plentiful of bacteria.

I felt overwhelmed by the fact that space reveals other nature when I dance in it. When I am just in the everyday mood movement it reveals the usual sensation. When dancing, not only the speed and non-everyday movement change the spacetime, but also perception.

I am also being more and more comfortable in performing 39. This brings another calmer quality to my performing I believe.

I liked the integration (also Ivana mentioned) of dancing, farming, everydayness. Pavli (the farmer) was talking with Martina while I was performing in the stall. Together with cows we were forming a rhizome that released (Barbara) cows’ unexpressed message.

I enjoyed that a music somtimes took over and led us to a new revelation of scene covered by space.

I like how I am able to create an atmosphere where spectator does not feel obliged to look at me while performing. Chris was put off my Ryuzo filming obstructing the view and in later part of the 39 he just stayed with cows in the stall. Marjeta also was disturbed by noise of the highway and I told her that’s fine. We should also let thing we don’t like lead sometimes our attention and intention.

It is not joy, feeling fulfielded or similar when I dance even when I don’t like what I dance or what I feel or what I am producing. It is not really joyful, but it also does not feel like end of the world.

It was amazing space, time and sound setting. I love how Chopin’s nocturne mixed with noise of the highway and moo’s of the cows.

All in all it was excellent performance. It totally lived up the standards set at the first performance of 39.

Looking forward to the next performance of 39.

slo / eng