39 exercises for dying.
almost last project by Gregor Kamnikar
dance performance

Each exercise is presented as a dance performance. Each presentation of the exercise will be in the form of a dance performance that lasts 39 minutes and is performed in a venue special chosen for specific exercise. The exercise will be presented and performed by 39-year-old artist Gregor Kamnikar. According to the program of 39 exercises Gregor Kamnikar will be able to die as an artist and artistic identity as he accomplishes 39th exercise (25th April 2011). This is a project to bid farewell to the artist and the artistic identity of Gregor Kamnikar.

In order to underline the ephemerality of event, movement, dance, I tend not to record video of any of the exercises neither photo


39 exercises to die for, 36th exercise: Last Will
a dance performance

The 36th exercise will take place at Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, Wednesday 20th April at 5pm.

39 exercises to die for, 35th exercise: Movie
a dance performance

They say we see the movie of our whole life unroll just before dying.

You are welcome to join us at practicing 35th exercise for dying Tuesday 19th April at 6pm at platform/square at Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, where we will rehearse the unrolling of our lifes' movie.

39 exercises to die for, 34th exercise: Future
a dance presentation

We continue with exercises countdown Monday 18th April at 6pm in Celje at the private house and garden at Travniska 2. The last 9 exercises are all done in collaboration. At hippodorme was a collaboration with Ryuzo Fukuhara, in Graz with two artist from Zweite Liga fuer kunst und kultur and at tennis court with Bostja Jakoncic.

You are kindly invited to join us at weekend with 39 – 4 performances in two days (Sat 2nd April, Sun 3rd April) which means 4 exercises for dying. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday. From Hrastovlje to Lake Bukovnica along the Southern border of Slovenia. This will cost you only 75 EUR (travel, accomodation, meals). We will stay over at one of the magical areas of Slovenia: Bizeljsko at Istenič's. The Istenič Company that produces excellent sparkling wine. And we will surely drink some.

Tomorrow, Fri 25 Mar 2011 at 5pm Spa Park at Terme Dobrna
After tomorrow, Sat 26 Mar 2011 at 5pm Spa Complex at Terme Dobrna

»to farmakon« means in ancient greek:
1. remedy, magic medicine, potion, drug.
2. medicament, poison,
3. colour
4. unusual, strange substance

Thursday, 24th March, 2011 at 7pm you are kindly invited to join us at Muzikafe in Ptuj, where a group of musician gather regularly on Thursdays to play some sweet jazz. Their preparation for a gig will be used to perform 20th exercise of the project to measure the size of impact of the preparation on their playing.

39 exercises to die for, 19th exercise: feel the wind
a dance project

Monday, 21st March 2011 at 5pm at crossing of Jurckova and Peruzzijeva in Ljubljana, you can join Gregor at practicing 19th exercise out of 39 exercises for dying. This time the practice includes riding a bike along the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship.

39 exercises to die for, 18th exercise: stroll
an improvisational dance project

Sunday, 20th March 2011 at 5pm at Gregor Kamnikar's home (to be more precise in his bedroom), Partizanska 45, Škofja loka.

39 exercises to die for, 17th exercise: independence

Thursday, 17th March 2011 at 9pm at Sokolski dom in Novo mesto (Sokolska 3)

You are kindly invited to witness the presentation of the 17th exercise for dying. Gregor Kamnikar will present an exercise that helps us understand how to function independently of given circumstances of life and still be connected to them and use them for our activity.

At the Martinc Farm a dozen of people gathered. Together with dogs, cows and other smaller creatures. Like spider and plentiful of bacteria.

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