Collective and openness

09 April 2010

One of the key elements of collective Federacija is openness. It is addressing me with the need to spread its range of openness. And I wonder why.

I believe that the element of openness is crucial to the idea of collective as platform (as we consider it at the moment in the collective). We perceive that organizations and artistic constallations feel the need to close. There is kind of logical act of any group of people to close onto themselves in order to be able to create something coherent and of great value. I believe that there is internal process going on in individual or a group of individuals of which consequence is closing towards public. But as long as it is not needed anymore it should be dropped. And many do not drop their closeness when there is no need for it anymore.

So, here is the idea of opening up the discussion and process of considering what is collective (Federacija). I guess we need to give more energy and focus on opening up and communicating then on closing to the problem at hand: creating a functional and contemporary (in sense of critical – thinking with your own head) collective that can function as a good new theory that does not just explain (process) present facts and phenomena but also predicts some phenomena that will happen. So does a good collective – process present facts in favour of creativity and artistic work and even more it is a structure it can stay agile, flexible and responsive as new facts surface in future.

So how to do that? To open up discussions, processes, procedures on the webportal of Federacija and see what happens What we include in on the website is of our decision but we do not need to seek confirmation from all of the members of the collective to publish something. Memebers of collective do not seek consensus of stuff considering the collective. This way collective will live only as long as each member will truely be interested in functional collective and a success of collective. This way we reverse the usual motivation of collective that comes from within the collective. In a way the motivation for the constructive work for collective comes from awareness of each individual. This way we reverse also the idea that the system is strong only as much as its weakest part is strong – the collective is strong as much as it is opened.

The idea is not to open 360 degrees. The idea is to check and seek the optimum openness for the collective to function and be recognizable as such. So the idea is to enter energy in seeking and checking the openness of the collective to the limit of its minimum consistency (where is can still function as collective and be recognized as such).

For the beginning we can exclude from this the financial stuff, since the financial stuff is even more complex then the problem above. The financial part is a part of inscribing of collective into the prevalent existing system of capitalism and here is where things really get complicated. The openness is a way of functioning of the collective and within the premises of openness collective only starts to inscribe into the prevalent system of capitalism.

So here we have already three interesting themes connected to collective Federacija: openness, inscribing, finances as element of inscribing.

This way we also use well the fact that people are too busy with persuing their own goals and only those really interested and informed will want to join and collaborate. This is actually what happened with our Andreja, Snježana and Gregor as well. We are staying in the collective since we see the great potencial i it not just for each of us individually but also for our work, our collective work and also others.

The collective as functionally opened platform and laboratory of artistic and social creativity and awareness. He he.

But then maybe it is just pressure of expectation from me and my companions and also wider range of people about newcomer collective Federacija, and this would be the way for me to release the pressure, since I want to use some of my limited energy also for some artistic work i do.


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