Federacija is a name for non-profit and non-goverment organization and the name of a Collective.


Our environments are our surviving territories. Perception is necessary for survival – we design environment on basis of filtering/screening the senses, what depends on the culture – environment again respectively directs our attention, motion, state of being.

What do we mean with filtering-screening process, describes best anthropologist Edward T.Hall:

“We inhabit different sensory worlds: experience as it is perceived through one set of culturally patterned sensory screens is quite different from experiences perceived through another. The architectural and urban environments that people create are expressions of this filtering-screening process.” From concept of Dynamic Spaces Project starting 2014.

When we feel that the condition surrounding our life is becoming tighter, we begin to close our clothes and to shut the doors like when the cold winter wind is blowing strongly. However, in such a time, we should aware "openness" more than normal time. It is better not be isolated, not compete each other. Dance is sharing. Opportunity and resource is not limited. The openness can create new ways of activity always.

One of the key elements of collective Federacija is openness. It is addressing me with the need to spread its range of openness. And I wonder why.

I believe that the element of openness is crucial to the idea of collective as platform (as we consider it at the moment in the collective). We perceive that organizations and artistic constallations feel the need to close. There is kind of logical act of any group of people to close onto themselves in order to be able to create something coherent and of great value. I believe that there is internal process going on in individual or a group of individuals of which consequence is closing towards public. But as long as it is not needed anymore it should be dropped. And many do not drop their closeness when there is no need for it anymore.

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