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Pushing the air by parts of the body, which are likely to be forgotten in the daily life. These pushing movements are able to activate the sense of your skin. The interaction between people by these pushing movements forms a membrane, which can be recognized as a border of the active territory of your body and sense. In other word, this action activates the inert air surrounding your body.

During the atelier, I had an intention to feel an origin of the movement in the body of Andreja.It seemed like “a spark” in the body. I somehow could feel the spark in her, and the same time, I noticed that a border of the recognition that distinguishes her movement and my movement was getting ambiguous. It was becoming blur, when I was focusing on these sparks. This was a kind of ecstatic sensation, but a difference from sexual one is that that ecstatic sensation has multi-directions into the body.

I am using the ability of hearing to figure the space, where I am moving without site. I have a sphere around me like a transparent egg shell, it reminds of me a figure in a triptych paints of Hieronymus Bosch. I try to dissolve that shell to others shell by giving a specific vibration on the shell of mine.

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