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Just do it. We decided before this set of practice to have in Not.All.Ways. seven times seven minutes chunks of work. Between two chucks of work we have 1 minutes break, where we can decide what to change, if anything. Today we decided to do just 7 x 7 minutes without intermission.

The ground tool is mistranslation. Immediately I started to mistranslate the today discovered tool of channel appeared and I used it. Well, the movements coming were building up a channel to mistranslation of today's work. Once consistent and stable enough to sustain the passage (by mistranslating the building of chanel), I entered the channel and continued with mistranslating the today's work.

We have started off with the key idea, concept, method of work, relation to each other: mistranslation. On the first day of practice we have mistranslated previous 3-4 minutes study of each other. What for me was one of the first realizations was the fact that mistranslation makes any power-giving element relative. The relativity of what is "right", "correct", "just", "true" becomes tangible. And the next step is to mistranslate what I have just written. Yes, anything can be and it is mistranslated. How come we are still on same page?

Tomorrow, Fri 25 Mar 2011 at 5pm Spa Park at Terme Dobrna
After tomorrow, Sat 26 Mar 2011 at 5pm Spa Complex at Terme Dobrna

»to farmakon« means in ancient greek:
1. remedy, magic medicine, potion, drug.
2. medicament, poison,
3. colour
4. unusual, strange substance

You are kindly invited to join us at weekend with 39 – 4 performances in two days (Sat 2nd April, Sun 3rd April) which means 4 exercises for dying. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday. From Hrastovlje to Lake Bukovnica along the Southern border of Slovenia. This will cost you only 75 EUR (travel, accomodation, meals). We will stay over at one of the magical areas of Slovenia: Bizeljsko at Istenič's. The Istenič Company that produces excellent sparkling wine. And we will surely drink some.

Thursday, 24th March, 2011 at 7pm you are kindly invited to join us at Muzikafe in Ptuj, where a group of musician gather regularly on Thursdays to play some sweet jazz. Their preparation for a gig will be used to perform 20th exercise of the project to measure the size of impact of the preparation on their playing.

We gave ourselves a task to report, what really happened in the Odnos-Celje project, a 4-day work that we made, both in Ljubljana and in Celje. What happened in Ljubljana?

world premiere of the performance
by Ryuzo Fukuhara and Gregor Kamnikar

February 3rd 2011 at 2pm
Wakayama Modern Art Museum, Wakayama, Japan

Conceived, choreographed, performed and produced by Ryuzo Fukuhara and Gregor Kamnikar
Accompanied by Samuel Beckett’s text “Worstward Ho” in mistranslation
Coproduction: NPO Wakayama Arts and Culture Support Society (Japan), Federacija (Slovenia)

We are proud and happy to announce the Japan Tour by artists Ryuzo Fukuhara and Gregor Kamnikar between 1 st Feb and 25 th Feb 2011. The tour comprises of a premiere, performances, workshops and open discussions.

The aim of the Japan Tour is to present and share the work of Ryuzo, Gregor and four-year project “Ecollectiv” (“Tkolektivnos”) devised by Collective Federacija & core members of the “Ecollectiv” project; to meet Japanese artists and collectives to experience, discuss and share their work; and, last but not least, to make a next step in creating conditions for intense collaboration between European and Japanese artists.

Welcome to any of the events. Soon the site www.federacija.net will host also the blog of the tour. Please stay tuned.

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