The need for speed

26 August 2010

I come from the round table talk entitled “The Art of Engagement” talking about the politics and art. There were also some people from visual arts. One of them said that visual art goes even more radical then other arts in relation to social and political position of art.

What about dance? As opposed to visual art, dance does not have such a richness of critical thinking in written word. And that’s why in Federacija we put this as one of our priority: to encourage talking, writing, thinking about dance, performing arts. We can do it from our part, ie by doing dance and think about it and write about in and publish it. Even if it is only blog entry.

And this session of Ecollectiv the writing, thinking, talking is a crucial part of how to proceed in this project. That engages me so much that I look for nearest cafe bar with wireless and write this post, even though a bunch of stuff to be done wait for me (neatly arranged by GTD system he he).

And further above mentioned thought is one of the confirmation of adequate way of working we are treading on at Federacija, ie concerning creation, production, education and research of dance.

And personally I found for the first time a field about which I feel worth writing a blog about


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