Alice and holes

04 July 2010

These june and july I feel like Alice visiting different holes and checking for each and everyone its depths (How deep does the rabbit whole go?). Each exploration is a discrete travel, I fall totally into it. Even when it does not preoccupy me whole day it, I seem to have trouble getting out of it in order to do something else. I thought of doing other stuff from the hole (tunnel), but it turned out to be damn too poised with the exploration of the particulat hole, it had no meaning for the outside world.

So here I go after Belgrade’s hole of Revolution-masterclass, NDA’s annual meating hole and Odnos’ hole, I am entering the forth hole of Obed in Italy with Dragana. The fifth hole will attempt searching for connectiv pathways between each of them.

And maybe, just maybe I might discover a fully (dys-)functional rhizome.

slo / eng