Improvisation is exploration

10 February 2011

Improvisation is exploration came to me in the workshop we had in Yokohama Ouyou High School and you can read about it more here.

I find term improvisation more and more important to work on since its amazing aura. More you are involved into what is improvisation, less you want to use the term. I find that extremely good way to keep improvisation or any term alive. To have in its usage already a paradoxical, controversial elements. It always propels me to define it for me in the moment, it shoots me right into the heart of the improvisation which is still unfathomable, and best articulated by doing.

I think there is one new thing that I discovered for me and I think it is crucial to understanding of what is improvisation. Improvisation does not oppose any other dance element!!!! It is one of the dance elements. It is together with other elements in the bag called dance. Improvisation is not opposition to fixed movement structures or similar. So I would think that any definition of imrpovisation that uses oppositioning (explicitly and/or implicitly) is a nonconsistent definition. We weaken the improvisation with opposing it to something.


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