Yokohama with a little rest

08 February 2011

Ryuzo formed this tour with genious dramaturgy up till now. Today it is the right time to rest a bit, sit behind computer, revisit all the experience from last week (that I would like to write about). We are also heading for another exciting and totally different week from the last one.

Actually I am grateful to Ryuzo to bring me to very diverse and amazing environments. This way I am invited to use all of my resources to act in new environments and requestion my tools: from Wakayama huge institution and amazing architecture, to intimate out-of-urban-reach village on Awaji Island, right to crammed Fukuoka Fringe Festival with lots of young choreographers exposing their vulnarable belief in the power of dance and now here in the IETM-like market at Yokohama Dance Collection, oh and not to forget the High School workshop.

Ok ok. I will calm down and see to one of the crucial things for me to do: to make webiste of Federacija functional and alive, especially for the project Ecollectiv.

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