Improvisation is exploration came to me in the workshop we had in Yokohama Ouyou High School and you can read about it more here.

I find term improvisation more and more important to work on since its amazing aura. More you are involved into what is improvisation, less you want to use the term. I find that extremely good way to keep improvisation or any term alive. To have in its usage already a paradoxical, controversial elements. It always propels me to define it for me in the moment, it shoots me right into the heart of the improvisation which is still unfathomable, and best articulated by doing.

Ryuzo formed this tour with genious dramaturgy up till now. Today it is the right time to rest a bit, sit behind computer, revisit all the experience from last week (that I would like to write about). We are also heading for another exciting and totally different week from the last one.

We are proud and happy to announce the Japan Tour by artists Ryuzo Fukuhara and Gregor Kamnikar between 1 st Feb and 25 th Feb 2011. The tour comprises of a premiere, performances, workshops and open discussions.

The aim of the Japan Tour is to present and share the work of Ryuzo, Gregor and four-year project “Ecollectiv” (“Tkolektivnos”) devised by Collective Federacija & core members of the “Ecollectiv” project; to meet Japanese artists and collectives to experience, discuss and share their work; and, last but not least, to make a next step in creating conditions for intense collaboration between European and Japanese artists.

Welcome to any of the events. Soon the site will host also the blog of the tour. Please stay tuned.

I come from the round table talk entitled “The Art of Engagement” talking about the politics and art. There were also some people from visual arts. One of them said that visual art goes even more radical then other arts in relation to social and political position of art.

To write about weakness is much more difficult than to write about “strong”.

Is it because weakness is that which should be gotten over?
Or does my intention inclines toward being strong?

These june and july I feel like Alice visiting different holes and checking for each and everyone its depths (How deep does the rabbit whole go?). Each exploration is a discrete travel, I fall totally into it. Even when it does not preoccupy me whole day it, I seem to have trouble getting out of it in order to do something else. I thought of doing other stuff from the hole (tunnel), but it turned out to be damn too poised with the exploration of the particulat hole, it had no meaning for the outside world.

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