31 Januar 2011

world premiere of the performance
by Ryuzo Fukuhara and Gregor Kamnikar

February 3rd 2011 at 2pm
Wakayama Modern Art Museum, Wakayama, Japan

Conceived, choreographed, performed and produced by Ryuzo Fukuhara and Gregor Kamnikar
Accompanied by Samuel Beckett’s text “Worstward Ho” in mistranslation
Coproduction: NPO Wakayama Arts and Culture Support Society (Japan), Federacija (Slovenia)

When we translate a text into other language, usually we try to follow the original meaning of the text or to find the intention of the author of the text. However, Beckett’s “Worstward Ho” is refusing these attempts by its original text. Thus, I attempt to translate “Worstward Ho” by following the hypothesis that the right translation of “Worstward Ho« is the mistranslation or cascade of mistranslations (from English to Japanese back to English and then to Slovenian).

The mistranslation functions as a mis-take that functions as a blindspot that functions as an en-trance to place where dichotomies play a game and do not compete or cancel themselves out or develop dependency crises. The mistranslation, mistake, blindspot and entrance are the way to play with the gravity (of language), or with any kind of gravity for that matter.

The premiere of the performance “A.Void” is a part of a Japan "Do.Not.A.Void." Tour between 1st Feb and 25th Feb 2011 by Ryuzo and Gregor that comprises of a premiere, performances, workshops and open discussions.

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